Uses of Arion Signage Solutions For Healthcare Facilities

  • DigitalDigital Information BoardsEquip various areas like receptions, cafeterias, pharmacies, waiting rooms, and more with digital boards. Display appointment updates, room availabilities, emergencynotifications, and other vital information efficiently.
  • PatientPatient Queue ManagementIntegrate Arion's Digital Signage with queue management systems. Display real-time appointment statuses, doctor details, waiting times, and more for a smooth patient experience.
  • BrandingPromotions & Institutional BrandingBuild a distinguished image by highlighting the hospital's achievements, recognitions, services, charitable endeavors, and more on digital screens.
  • RoomEngaging Waiting Room ContentElevate the waiting room experience. Showcase patient success stories, medical practices, preventive measures, and other informative content using Arion's seamless display solutions.
  • EmergencyEmergency AlertsDuring emergencies, Arion's digital signage can swiftly communicate crucial alerts to staff, visitors, and patients, guiding them towards safety protocols andproviding necessary instructions.
  • DirectionalClear Directional GuidanceReplace fading static signages with dynamic digital ones. Assist visitors with clear, easy-to-follow directions and facility maps, ensuring swift navigation.
  • CommunicationEnhanced Internal CommunicationStreamline communication in expansive healthcare setups. With Arion, ensure timely coordination and accurate dissemination of information across departments.
  • FeedbackInteractive Feedback SystemGather valuable feedback using Arion’s interactive system. Place QR codes on screens for easy scanning and feedback submission or utilize touch-enabled devices in key locations. Enhance patient care with valuable insights.

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